SenCommunications Celebrates 29 years in Business with $450K Contract

Post Date: May 28, 2024

"She’s [Karen Krymski] always willing to answer an email back or a call back so she’s sort of part of our business plan. APEX is great. It’s our resource."

SenCommunications, Inc. has a lot to be thankful for. In addition to celebrating 29 years in business and being a multi-generational organization, the company is also experiencing a growth in business with the federal government, in part due to a relationship formed with the Florida APEX at USF.

Upon initially meeting with Stacie Miller, vice president of SenCommunications, Inc., procurement specialist, Karen Krymski questioned why the company was not certified as a woman-owned business.

“When I went back to the office and researched WOSB certification, I also realized that we were located in a HUBZone,” Miller said, “so I called Karen and we consulted a little bit about that and she gave me some advice on how to go through with that certification.

“We met all the qualifications to be certified as a HUBZone company which was another attractive selling feature to the federal government so we pursued that certification and we received that in December and that has already done quite a bit for our business.”

Consulting sessions and training seminars at the Florida APEX at USF have translated into additional revenue for the company, as it recently secured a purchase order from the federal government worth approximately $450,000 that Miller says they would not have gotten if they didn’t have the WOSB and HUBZone certifications.

Miller says that is just the beginning for the company as they look to continue to grow their federal government line of business.

“We hold contracts with several large Fortune 500 companies and the fact that we’re able to transition and blend the enterprise business that we have with the federal government business that we are now pursuing is really an interesting new fun chapter in the company and I’d say that’s a pretty big success,” she said. “Right now, I have one of my salespeople in Washington, D.C., attending a federal contracting summit to go and meet companies, agencies, primes who are looking to do business with agencies like us.”

Miller is thankful for the resources available through the Florida APEX at USF and looks forward to being able to utilize Krymski further as the business continues to grow.

“As we bring in support staff who are going to grow with the federal side of the business, I’m bringing them in and I’m introducing them to Karen so they can pick up the phone and ask her when they have questions,” Miller said. “She’s always willing to answer an email back or a call back so she’s sort of part of our business plan. APEX is great. It’s our resource.”

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