Veteran-owned Company Wins VA Contract with Florida APEX in Pinellas County

Post Date: May 28, 2024
Brian Book

Brian Book

President - Book Zurman, Inc.

"I would say other businesses looking to start up in Pinellas County go to the Florida APEX, use the resources that they have and they’ll definitely speed the path to success and profitability"

Book Zurman Inc. is a company that develops interoperability standards for electronic health records, specifically for veterans and their families. The company moved to the healthcare space in 2010.

Brian Book, President of Book Zurman Inc., is a Desert Storm, disabled veteran who saw the need for computer software within the community for the VA (Veteran’s Administration) to share information with third-party healthcare organizations. Passionate about improving the lives and health of future members of the military and veterans alike, Book sought out to find a solution.

Book Zurman Inc. had a mission, but they faced challenges navigating through the government to do business.

“Because the barrier for entry is so high in the government space, the Florida APEX Accelerator helped us to overcome some of those barriers and help guide us through the maze of government agencies and the maze of websites and other areas that were required for us to set up and do business with the federal government,” Book said. “When we launched into work with the federal government, it’s very difficult to navigate that environment and when started we didn’t have a whole lot of help and we hadn’t discover the Florida Procurement Technical Assistance Center and we made lots of mistakes. I say often, that we stepped on many landmines,” Book added.

Government Contracting Services offered by the Florida APEX in Pinellas County specifically helped Book Zurman Inc. with their CVE (Certified Veteran Enterprise) certification, a certificate that verifies the company as a disabled veteran-owned small business and gives support for funding and financing.

“Our biggest success so far has been the award of our newest contract with the VA that allows us to provide interoperability standards support and subject matter expertise in interpretation and implementation of healthcare standards within the VA,” Book said.

This past May, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs awarded Book Zurman a $20.7 million 5-year integrated health standards contract.

Not only is Book passionate about the success of his own company, he is involved with other veteran-owned businesses as well.

“As a business owner and a veteran, I wanted to help other veteran-owned companies to not have to have the same learning experience as we did so I’ve tried to help other veteran businesses understand how to navigate the environment, what the expectations of the government are, how to find opportunities, how to team with other companies, how to create lasting relationships with other companies that allow them to be successful in the government space,” Book said.

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